‘Corporate America Takes on Spitzerism’

By September 26, 2006Briefly Legal

Good column by that subtitle in yesterday’ Wall Street Journal. Authored by Kimberley Strassel, it talks about how business is finally battling back in judge’s races against activist judges. Says Strassel:

“If there’s a godfather of this movement it might be John Engler, who realized early in his 1990s career as Michigan governor that tort reform didn’t count for much if state courts routinely struck down new laws… As governor, he made judges a top priority, one reason why Michigan’s high court is today a national model of judicial restraint. Mr. Engler carried that philosophy to his presidency of the National Association of Manufacturers.”

She’s right, the boss is a warrior when it comes to this issue, one so critically important to all manufacturers. Strassel goes on to talk about the American Justice Partnership:

“Last year, NAM launched the American Justice Partnership, an umbrella organization that brings together a mindboggling array of national and state organizations–industry groups, chambers, think tanks, citizens’ groups — fighting for legal reform. ‘Legal reform has become a full contact sport,’ says Steve Hantler, assistant general counsel of Daimler-Chrysler and chairman of AJP. ‘More business leaders and consumer groups have realized this fight is in the political arena, and you can’t leave that arena to the trial bar.'”

Here’s a link to the full op-ed, a good read. And here’s a link to the AJP website, where you can get more involved in this most important effort.