Cool Stuff Being Made: The Eames Lounge Chair and the Herman Miller Office Chair

By September 9, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

chairIf last week was back to school, then this week is back to work, as the work year officially began this past Labor Day as well. While the kids take a seat on the bus, we take a seat in the office and push paper or keys on a keyboard.

And if you spend your day in an office, you want to make sure you’ve got a comfortable office chair. NAM member Herman Miller makes the famous Aeron chair, noted for its durability and comfort and used the world over.

This week we actually have two videos. The first is a commercial for a sort of forerunner of the Aeron, which was called the Eames lounge chair. It’s a 2-minute video from 1956. The second three and a half minute video is of today’s Aeron chair being made. It isn’t narrated, but you can figure out what’s going on as the chairs are assembled and then sent to final packing and shipping.

So pull up a chair — an Aeron, preferably, and click here to watch this week’s video and feel the manufacturing vibe.

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