Cool Stuff Being Made: How School Buses Are Made

By September 2, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

chairLabor Day is upon us and for most of the country it means the traditional beginning of the school year (even though some young ‘uns have been back at it for a few weeks already). Starting the first Tuesday of September, the roads will be filled with 450,000 school buses a day, covering millions of miles. Fairfax County (Virginia) alone puts more school buses on the road each day than Greyhound, an impressive statistic.

In any event, “DB” and our friends at the South Carolina Educational TV network (SCETV) have sent us another in their “Eye Wonder” series. This one features a tour of the Thomas Built Bus factory in South Carolina — they make about 70 buses a day. It really is fascinating to watch, seeing what goes into making something you pass on the road — or ride in — every day. From the chassis they receive from a nearby manufacturer through the robotic welder, to the “body in white” section through the paint booth to the trim line, you can watch a big yellow schoolbus come together.

Click here to watch this 9-1/2 minute video of how they make the safest form of transportation in the US, the school bus. And feel the manufacturing vibe.

Drive safely everyone, school’s back.

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