California’s Economic Death Wish, Continued

By September 26, 2006Global Warming

The Orange County Register points out what should be obvious. By suing the major automotive companies for alleged damages caused by alleged global warming, California’s Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, is sending a clear message to all manufacturers, large and small: Go away. Go far, far away.

The world’s largest car manufacturers are not about to abandon California, of course, but the lawsuit reinforces the message to smaller companies that California is hostile to business. Mr. Lockyer seeks billions of dollars from the companies. If he succeeds, California car buyers will be forced to pay higher prices for their vehicles. The American auto industry is struggling at this time, as General Motors, Ford and now Chrysler are announcing layoffs and plant closures to stop massive losses. This type of regulatory overreach will only make it more difficult for U.S. companies to compete, and could result in further cutbacks in auto industry jobs.

Carmakers are building cleaner and more efficient automobiles in response to market demand. Yet instead of working cooperatively with automakers to achieve additional efficiency goals, Mr. Lockyer is going for the headlines by filing a lawsuit based on ephemeral legal grounds.

We’d say welcome to California, except that there is no welcome sign out in this state for business.

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  • Justin says:

    I’d say, good on you California and Bill Lockyer. This has always been an issue particularly with alternative fuels – anything that disrupts the oil economy is going to have a massive impact and of course the oil companies and related industries are not going to like it, whether it happens state by state or the whole world.

    Claiming that California doesn’t like big business just because they’re being responsible and trying to clean up their act doesn’t mean they don’t like big business, they just don’t like big businesses that continue to add to their pollution problem.

    How about instead of building cleaner and more efficient vehicles in response to market demand changes to cleaner more efficient vehicles in acknowledgement of the pollution problems that fossil fuels have contributed too…