California Prepares to Shoot Self in Other Foot

By September 1, 2006General

We mentioned two days ago that California was looking to start a government-run health care system, figuring they could likely run off the last remaining business in the state after passing this boneheaded carbon cap bill, making them likely the least competitive state in the union. That sound you hear is the cheering of the other 49 states’ economic development officers.

Thanks to fellow blogger Josh Trevino for sending along this information from the non-partisan Pacific Research Institute, with their analysis of that bill. By their economic analysis, this bill will cost California, “23,000 fewer doctors, $1 billion in lost wait times, and $9 billion in waste,” Remember that there is no “blank check” universal coverage system in the world. It is rationed. Rationing means wait times. Don’t believe us? Just look at the respected and non-partisan Fraser Institute studies in Canada and see for yourself. And, it’ll run off doctors in droves. How does that help patients?

The current health care system is far from perfect, that much is clear. But when prescribing health care medicine, California ought remember Hippocrates’ rule: First, do no harm.

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  • Jenn says:

    And our current system isn’t “rationed?” I do not have health coverage through my employer, so I get to pay for my own insurance. The good news is I can sock away 4K per year tax free in my Health Savings Account, so according to Dubya, I can shop around for the best price. Yeah. Like I want the best price in healthcare. Maybe I want the BEST healthcare. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do agree with one thing you said, that the current health care system is far from perfect. It isn’t even a healthcare system, but rather a sick care system, available to either the very wealthy or the very poor. The rest of us in the middle have to rely in high deductible, expensive insurance plans and bargain hunt for care.

    Maybe the California plan isn’t the best, but at least our legislators are trying to do SOMETHING. Again, I’m proud to be a Californian….