Bush Invites Bloggers To Bill Signing Ceremony

By September 26, 2006General

Thanks to David All for passing along this story from the Washington Times highlighting further proof that blogs are becoming more acceptable to society.

Once referred to as a bunch people sitting around home writing in their pajamas, now they are being invited to a White House bill signing ceremony. Legislation that President Bush will sign into law today will establish a searchable database of all federal contracts and grants and most other spending.

Our humble blog was invited to the bill signing but, unfortunately, our board meeting this week prevents us from attending.

With bloggers being invited to this bill signing, we wonder: Can an invite to the press gaggle be far behind? Or maybe a bloggers-only meeting with the President?

UPDATE (By Carter Wood): Instapundit has lots of links-rich coverage here. White House transcript and video here. The NAM did not take a position on the legislation, but we applaud the spirit of bipartisan accomplishment! Now, if they could just do something about accessing domestic energy supplies in U.S. coastal waters.