Al Gore’s Totally Lost It This Time

By September 30, 2006Global Warming

Thanks to Rush for this one, but apparently Al Gore was speaking up at the UN in New York — for like three hours (gawd!). Along the way, among other whoppers, he apparently said that cigarette smoking is a significant contributor to global warming. What’s next, exhaling?

Oh yeah, and he said that “Greenland runs a real risk of splitting in two, and if that happens substantial parts of Manhattan, Shanghai, and Bombay will disappear.” Apparently, plain hysteria wasn’t working so he’s now in hysteria overdrive. Maybe it’s time for Al to lay off the anti-oxidants.

Fresh from our visit with our Aussie friends (see below), we can only say, “Crikey!” The guy just gets kookier.

Oh, and by the way, reportedly the UN has decided to renege on its original plan to post a video or transcript of his remarks. That’s OK, sounds like it’s not worthy of such a prestigious site. Probably more suitable for YouTube.

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  • Lionel says:

    Pat Cleary is a well known “non thinker”. It’s a pity, but one day he may see the light. I really hope so – not to credit Al Gore or anyone like that, but for the sake of our manufacturers and economy at large!

  • TALAN says:

    Pat Cleary has clearly made up this artical with the intent to smear Al Gore or he is just a very confused person with no ability to recall facts . His points are completely untrue . Do not believe what he is saying, please go see the movie for yourself. Time for truth not more spin.

  • Jan says:

    If you really wanted the public to decide you wouldn’t have posted this so biasedly in the first place, especially WITHOUT a link to it. And I also doubt the UN has put every single speech or presentation ever made there on the net. Also, perhaps for copyright reasons as the movie is still out, it couldn’t be shown. Since you don’t know yet jumped to the conclusion that it was because of what he allegedly said based on heresay, I take your last comment with a grain of salt as well and take my leave.

  • Pat Cleary says:


    Would love to link to it if you can get the UN to post it. Am happy to let the public decide.

    Thanks for writing,

    Pat Cleary

  • Jan says:

    Where’s the transcript of his remarks? Gee, conveniently the RW dittoheads even have an excuse for that not being available, yet THEY know his words. I’ve only seen this on RW dittohead blogs, so I take it with a grain of salt. Just more diversionary tripe from morally bankrupt people who are more part of the problem regarding the climate crisis than the solution. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh should get off the meds… then maybe he could actually concentrate on reading SCIENTIFIC FACT, rather than spewing hateful diatribes.

  • Johh Linder says:

    Ah, yes. The ever reliable Newsmax seems to be the source for this. (Rush as well as others making this claim source it that way.)

    For fiction this ranks up there with its report that U2 was holding a fund-raiser for Rick Santorum.