Al Gore Fails to Sway Skeptical Teens

By September 12, 2006Global Warming

We held true to our promise to keep the blog dedicated to September 11 yesterday, but the WaPo made it really tough for us. We awoke to find this week’s daily dose of Al Gore/Inconvenient Half-Truth stuff in the form of yet another op-ed (Sheez! Will these guys ever run an opposing view?) sympathetic to his theory (It is a theory after all) and lamenting the fact that 18 year-olds aren’t buying it. And — worse yet — they are becoming more — gulp! — materialistic!

Not sure where these folks have been, to tout teen materialism as some trend begun in the Bush years. Obviously, they aren’t the parents of teens….

In any event, we just wanted to provide a little more balance again, to say that maybe it’s good that 18 year-olds are thinking for themselves and not buying all the climate hysteria hook, line and sinker. The authors — academics from the school that got shellacked by Notre Dame — assume it’s because they’re not listening. The bad news for them is that it may mean exactly the opposite.

Next thing you know, these 18 year-olds will start thinking for themselves — heaven forbid.