AB 1953: More ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ In California

By September 25, 2006General

We’ve chronicled here over these past many weeks California’s seeming intention to run all employers out of the state. From its hare-brained single-payer health care plan, to its carbon emissions cap to its politically ambitious Attorney General’s misguided and ill-informed jihad against the auto industry.

As it turns out, there’s yet another anti-business bill on the Governor’s desk, another solution in search of a problem, science be damned. AB 1953, the brainchild of a Democratic state rep from Oakland, aims to reduce the allowable content of lead in all “end point devices” (think faucets) from 4% to .25%. Near as anyone can tell, there’s absolutely no scientific basis for this bill. Worse yet, if it’s signed into law, not a single manufacturer would be in compliance. Says the California Manufacturing and Technology Association (CMTA), this bill “is not based upon scientific analysis, has no relation to potential health risks, and involves new calculations that are not used by manufacturers.” Pretty much sums it up.

As with a number of pending bad ideas in the form of bills, Governor Schwarzenegger has until the end of the month (that would be Saturday) to veto this bill.

Here’s a link to the CMTA blurb on the bill, and here’s a link to the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute “Myths and Realities” document on it. Here’s a link to the actual bill. Among other things, apparently this bill would require municipalities to expend a bundle of money installing new component in public water systems, according to this analysis.

And so we add our voices to those urging the Governator to veto this bill. The way he’s going, it might be the one bone he can throw to the businesses still remaining in the Golden State.