A Window to the Soul of A Possible New Committee Chair

By September 17, 2006Labor Unions

Thanks to our friend Jonathan Tasini for tipping us off to this new report from Rep. George Miller (D-CA), who will be Chair of the House Education and Workforce Committee if the Democrats gain control of the House in the upcoming elections. It’s a pretty grim assessment of the economy, even playing down the recent job growth as “not nearly as strong as it should be,” whatever the heck that means.

It also contains a link to his site, which in turn contains yet another link to a report on the NLRB and a call for the wacky anti-democracy “Employee Free Choice Act,” the one that would take secret ballot elections away from employees. Who on earth is taking public anti-democracy stands these days except for maybe North Korea….?

No matter, we pass it along for your reading enjoyment. Oh, and here’s a link to his posts on the Huffington blog.