What’s Your Story?

By August 4, 2006Innovation

Read an article titled, “Storytelling, not journalism, spurs most blogs,” which was a re-cap about the recent Pew Internet Study on Bloggers.

The report was based on a telephone survey of 233 self-identified bloggers conducted between July 2005 and February 2006 with a margin of error of 6.7 percent. Having worked in the polling industry, it should be noted that a margin of error that high (coupled with such a low “n” sample) is cause enough to leave room for doubt (or further study), but for what its worth, the results are interesting:

Among Pew’s findings:

  • 37 percent of bloggers cited their life and experiences as their primary topic, while politics and government came in second at 11 percent. I think shopfloor.org is somewhere in between.
  • About 8 percent of Internet users, or 12 million American adults, keep a blog, Pew estimated. Some 39 percent of U.S. Web users, or 57 million adults, read them. Technorati estimates that there are 50 million blogs. So, its possible that the bulk of bloggers are outside the United States.
  • More than half, or 54 percent, of bloggers are under age 30. More proof that the Blogger-in-chief is in fact the Oldest Blogger.
  • U.S. bloggers are evenly divided between men and women, and are more racially diverse than the Web population in general: Forty percent are non-white.
  • Fifty-five percent of bloggers write under a pseudonym (including yours truly).
  • For more information on the report or to read its topline data, click here.