What Others Are Saying about Energy Security

By August 2, 2006Energy

A look at what other people are saying about yesterday’s passage of S. 3711, the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act. (First four links take you to official news releases and the fifth goes to a Lousiana news story.)

Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM): “With this bill we have chosen to provide some relief by agreeing to tap American-owned natural gas and oil in parts of the Gulf. The more supply we put on the market, the more we can help stabilize prices and perhaps ease our imports of expensive foreign energy. So, this is not a Gulf States bill. It is a bill to benefit the entire nation, whether you live in a land-locked state like New Mexico or on the Gulf coast.”

Jack Gerard, President and CEO, American Chemistry Council: “As the country consumed record amounts of energy to deal with an unrelenting heat wave, for the first time ever we drew from our natural gas reserves during a period normally used to build reserves in preparation for the colder months. In the past two weeks, natural gas prices rose 48 percent while energy experts predict U.S. gas production will peak in 2007 and then decline. Congress must move quickly to solve this mounting crisis and stop the weather forecast from dictating the country’s energy policy.”

W. Henson Moore, President & CEO, American Forestry and Paper Association: “This is a long-awaited victory for the forest products industry, which utilizes natural gas to power facilities. This bill will provide relief to American consumers and manufacturers who have been struggling to pay high energy costs, and it will do so by allowing access to domestic energy supplies.”

Consumer Alliance for Energy Security: “We look forward to working with Senate and House leaders to ensure a bill that safely unlocks America’s abundant energy supplies on the Outer Continental Shelf reaches President Bush’s desk for signature. Only then will U.S. consumers and energy users benefit from lower energy prices.”

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA): “It’s a breakthrough day. It’s a breakthrough day for the consumer. It’s a breakthrough day for the manufacturer, and it’s a proud day for the Gulf Coast.”

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