What Goes Into a Harley

By August 20, 2006General

If you’ve been reading the blog — or even the MSM — you’ll notice that the President of late has been making the rounds to manufacturing plants. Starting the week before his appearance before the NAM, he has been in a manufacturing plant at least once a week. Last week found him in York, Pa., at the famous Harley plant. Harley-Davidson is a proud NAM member, of course, and just a marquis name known all over the world as a great American manufacturer.

The trip to York reminded us of something another Pennsylvania group put together. We’ve written in this space before about the Manufacturers Association of Northwest Pennsylvania (MANP), led by the great Ralph Pontillo. You might remember we were there for their centennial last year. At that event, they presented the American Manufacturing Tribute Bike — driven the night it was unveiled by none other than Peter Fonda — to hammer home the pro-manufacturing message. They have driven this bike to every high school in northwestern Pennsylvania to show kids how fun, exciting and financially rewarding a career in manufacturing can be. Indeed, you make cool stuff.

Here’s a great flyer that was printed by our friends at MANP. On one side is a picture of the Harley “Tribute” bike, noting where all the parts come from. On the other side is a list of some of the jobs involved in putting together this engineering wonder — and the accompanying education levels and salaries. As you’ll see, they’re pretty good jobs. But then we already knew that.

If you’re a manufacturer, you should download it and send it to your local high school. If you’re not a manufacturer, you should take a look at it and understand the skill that goes into making one of the great manufactured products here in the US. And if you’re a kid who’s thinking about what to do with your life, this is a very great career — but only if you want to be challenged, make cool stuff and make a lot of money doing it. Click here for more info.