WaPo: Dems ‘Shopping Down the Wrong Aisle’

By August 29, 2006General

What will all the buzz about our Labor Day report being released yesterday, we missed this gem in yesterday’s WaPo from Sebastian Mallaby. We’ve not always been kind to Mallaby — he has been consistently wrong on the death tax — but credit should be given here, as it is due. He laments the demise of the pro-trade Democrats and their decline into — indeed the embrace of — the corporate-bashing culture. We agree, as it’s often manufacturers who are getting bashed, when it’s us who drive the economy, create the jobs, the wealth for this county.

Mallaby notes that the Dems have turned on Wal-Mart even though, as Mallaby notes,

“[B]ig-box stores led by Wal-Mart reduce families’ food bills by one-fourth. Because Wal-Mart’s price-cutting also has a big impact on the non-food stuff it peddles, it saves U.S. consumers upward of $200 billion a year, making it a larger booster of family welfare than the federal government’s $33 billion food-stamp program.”

He ignores the fact that one of the Dems’ major source of funding — organized labor — is pouring tens of millions down their own rathole to fight Wal-Mart., and they expect all those who benefit from their largesse to follow suit. This has doubtless fueled the anti-Wal-Mart push from Dems, but we agree with Mallaby. This is all of a piece with a larger, more troubling trend against trade and toward more corporate-bashing. At the end of the day, these guys are just biting the hand that feeds the world.