This Week on America’s Business

By August 12, 2006General

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick

This week on America’s Business, Mike talks with Renee Giachion of The American Justice Partnership, joining the battle for tort reform at the state level. The discussion centers on a position paper detailing how the Florida Supreme Court has become an “activist court.”

Then, Hank Cox takes a look back at “The Way It Was” followed by an interview with Arkansas Democratic Senator Mark Pryor about energy legislation.

In segment two, we follow the death tax by speaking with Republican Senator from Arizona Jon Kyl about why the legislation repealing this onerous tax failed last session and what to expect in September. Mike also has a response to those who say repeal of the death tax hurts the little guy.

Finally in this segment Kelly Johnson, President of Ace Clearwater Enterprises, takes us on a trip to her “Factory Floor.”

In segment three, Renee and Mike talk about the impact that rulings by activist courts have on your everyday lives. Then, Karla Aaron, President of Hialeah Metal, gets on her “Soapbox.”

In the first of his continuing conversations with likely presidential candidates in 2008, Mike talks with Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

We wrap up with our “Media Roundtable” and then Governor Engler’s “Last Word.”

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