The Week Ahead: Digging Out

By August 7, 2006General

As the Blogger’s Apprentice was kind enough to point out below, the blogger-in-chief was on vacation last week basking in the global warming of the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Thanks to the Apprentice and to Carter Wood for more than holding up their end of the bargain and for keeping the blog fires burning all week. Carter endured a few voice mails from the vacation-impaired blogger-in-chief, ranting about various offending WaPo missiles. Thanks, too, to economist extraordinaire Dave Huether and Bill Canis for also posting pithy stuff. Traffic soared, but we’re hoping to bring it back in check with a return to more tepid and uninteresting writing. The gerbils on the ShopFloor blog treadmill-sever were run a little ragged.

And what a week it was — an energy vote in the Senate, a pension vote, a missed opportunity on lowering taxes on small manufacturers (not the “uber-rich” as the MSM likes to paint it) in repealing the death tax. And, our favorite, the crowing over global warming, rushing poorly thought-out stories to print in the face of the week’s heat wave. Nice try. We wondered where they all were a few years back when Al Gore delivered his global warming magnum opus in New York City on the coldest day of the year? Point is, it mattered then as little as it did last week.

Oh — and we re-launched our radio show!

And so it’s great to be back in the blogosphere after a week’s layoff (the first in almost two years), a little rusty, but determined as ever. Will try to go easy, try not to overdo it, try not to pull a muscle.