The WaPo (Still) Doesn’t Read the WaPo

By August 24, 2006Global Warming

Thanks to Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute for catching what we missed in last Sunday’s WaPo. We got so busy gushing over the unexpected balance in Juliette Eilperin’s story that we never made it to one by global warming Gore-ist Mike Tidwell in the Outlook (Opinion) section. You’ll recall that Eilperin’s story noted that there was nothing approaching consensus on the issue of whether (alleged) climate change causes hurricanes. (Of course the head of the hurricane center has said there’s no causation, but no matter.)

But in the Outlook section, Mike Tidwell has a nice bit of hysteria about how we’re all going to be Katrina’d because of global warming. Glug, glug. It really is quite literally hysterical — and apparently, bunk. Still, it makes for a good read, sells newspapers.

Tidwell is king of some group called the US Climate Emergency Council. The name implies government imprimatur, but ti’s not a government agency at all, just a chowder and marching club for a bunch of bunch of like-minded Gore-ists. God bless ’em, they’re entitled, but just let’s not pass this off as gospel. It’s opinion, and it’s theory. Wonder when the WaPo will afford the same real estate to a dissenting view? Not likely.

Maybe if they start reading their own newspaper….