The New York Yankees and the New Jersey GOP

By August 23, 2006Miscellaneous

Thanks to our co-worker JP Fielder for sending this item, plucked from a blog with the apt warning, “Only read this if you have absolutely nothing else to do.” You’ll see what we mean. Like we said below, it’s August.

You Yankees fans know that the Bronx Bombers (America’s Team) just completed a five game sweep of the Boston Red Sox — in Fenway Park, no less. The five games played over four days, the Yanks outscored the Sox by 47-25. Ouch.

While Yankees fans were busy celebrating the fact that they have widened their lead over Boston in the AL East to six and a half games, New Jersey Republicans were busy celebrating something else. According to “The Inside Edge“, a blog about Garden State politics, “New Jersey Republicans do well in years when the Yankees sweep the Red Sox in a five game series.” Since NJ has a very tight Senate race up this year, they figure the Yankees’ sweep portends good things for them.

When it comes to predicting outcomes of political races, this is as god a predictor as any we’ve seen — and certainly as reliable as any the WaPo is using….