The Energy Bill, A Year Later

By August 8, 2006Energy

You may recall that we fought hard last year for passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. On the one-year anniversary of tis passage last month, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released this fact sheet on its impact to date. It’s impressive:

— 27 new ethanol plants have broken ground;

— 25 new nuclear reactors are planned;

— 7 new LNG terminals have been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;

— 120 new coal-based facilities are in various stages of planning;

— 116,871 new hybrid vehicles have been purchased since January 1 of 2006.

This is only a partial list — you can see the rest at this link. It really is impressive and shows a very good first step. Much remains to be done, no doubt about that, but thanks to passage of this law, we are at last moving in the right direction.

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  • Jim Schmitt says:

    Of the 116,000 Hybrid cars sold how many are made by American companies? General Electric developed the diesel electric locomotive (basically a hybrid)over 50 years ago. Com’on America why aren’t we leading the world in effienct energy use like we lead during the internet boom of the 1990’s?? We need to wake up and realize that’s where the growth is. I’ve watched good people being let go at the National Renewable Energy lab in Boulder Colorado. Let’s stop dealing with Middle East oil and make a plan to reduce our consumption and bring our boys home!