Ring the Bell, It’s Recess

By August 14, 2006General

OK, gang, it’s that time again: Congress is in recess — sorry, District Work Period — from now through Labor Day. This is the time to see your Senators and Representatives at home. Here’s a link where you can find their local coordinates. A few large issues loom:

Energy: Both the House and Senate manged to pass energy bills before leaving town, but there are differences between the bills, so they have to go to conference before we’ll actually be able to tap our own resources. Click here to get more info and to weigh in with your Representatives and tell them to finish the job.

R&D Credit: The R&D tax credit has now expired — and been renewed — something like 10 times. Ridiculous. Research and development is our life blood. Here’s a fact sheet on the issue. Click here to weigh in with your member of Congress to urge them to retroactively renew this important credit so we can continue to lead the world in innovation. Incidentally, a great article on the importance of research and development in this week’s Industry Week. Here’s a link.

Broadband/Video Franchising: We rank 16th in the world in broadband deployment, another pathetic statistic, and one that Congress can remedy. Click here for more info and click here to tell your Senators to speed broadband deployment and resist all temptation to regulate the Internet. Let the free market work, the same free market that’s built the Internet into what we have today — the free market and Al Gore, that is.

You’ve got ’til Labor Day, but don’t put it off. Make sure they hear from you while they’re home. Weigh in early and often — and make sure your employees do the same.