Podcast of America’s Business

By August 20, 2006General

The Blogger-in-Chief e-mailed me over the weekend letting me know that he has once again moved a bit closer into the 21st century by getting an iPod.

Now that he has an iPod, he asked me how he can get our new radio show “America’s Business” downloaded to his iPod.

After giving him the instructions, he replied back to say, “Wow…it’s already done. Took like a minute. A testimonial. Unbelievable. Way cool.”

Podcasting is sooo easy…everyone ought to do it. Heck, if the oldest blogger on earth can figure it out, you can too. The benefits to podcasting are overwhelming, including never having to wait around and look for our content…it just comes to you instead.

Click here to get our podcast feed of the radio show.