Peace Breaks Out!

By August 31, 2006Energy

Add this to the list of headlines you’ll never see: Gas prices are dropping. Every uptick brings hysteria, every slight upward movement in price brings more politicians jockeying for political advantage, always shedding more heat than light on the issue. But when the price ticks down, nary a peep. No votes there.

And, apropos of all this is this article sent to us by one of our two faithful blog readers. It’s a short piece by Lindsay Walle that appeared in the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs newsletter entitled, “Energy ‘Crisis’? Let the Free Market Operate.” It’s a good read and makes all the salient points. We said in our Labor Day Report that energy prices writ large are taking an ever-increasing bite out of workers’ pay, but the solution is clear: more supply will ultimately drive down prices. We need to get on with that.

So don’t bother to keep looking for the daily headlines tracking the dropping price of gas. You won’t find them.