Of Hurricanes and Hockey

By August 28, 2006General

While writing our weepy tome below on Katrina we went to the City of New Orleans website. If you go there and look at the top left corner, you’ll see a picture of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Next to his photo, you’ll see some links. We clicked on “BNOB”, to get information on the “Bring New Orleans Back” program. When we did, we got the website for the Dallas Junior Hockey Association.

As we said in our post, some things never change…..

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  • Very interesting find. Just as a point of note, though … I’m not too sure this is completely the fault of the New Orleans government. Here’s the kicker:

    http://www.bringneworleansback.org./ (link on Nagin’s page when you saw it)

    You see the difference, right? The schmoe who made the page added an extra period after “.org”. So whoever made the page errored in writing the URL, and then taking their sweet time in seeing the error.

    On the other hand, it’s real curious that that one mistake would send you to a Junior Hockey league’s page. Webmaster fubar, perhaps? Or something else?