NAM Labor Day Report to Issue on Monday

By August 24, 2006General

We’ll be issuing our annual Labor Day Report on Monday at 10 a.m. in a press conference at NAM world HQ with NAM President Engler and Chief Economist Dave Huether. It’ll be our yearly snapshot of the economy and some insight into the bite that energy prices are taking out of workers’ wallets — and what we can do about it.

The AFL-CIO for its part will likely issue its annual vale of tears. It’s a grim place, really. Every year they find some negative aspect of the economy to highlight (lowlight?). They really are a bunch of Johnny Rainclouds over there. Here’s this piece from their website, anothe tale of woe, saying essentially, “Yeah, sure the economy seems to be going great guns, but here’s a wrinkle for you….”. Imagine what it must be like to work over there, where there’s never a good day.

In any event, any press interested in attending Monday’s event should drop us an e-mail. We’ve had a ton of responses just from sending out this press advisory today, so be the first one in your newsroom to respond. No cranks, Luddites, or gadflies please.

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  • Patricia Seagrove says:

    I was horrified by an advertisement put out by Now, I’m against government waste in Oregon, but this TV ad is really crass in the way it uses race, class and sex stereotyping to present it’s ideas. Please let me know if you agree or disagree. The organization is staffed by bright, educated people and I would think they could present their ideas better than this.