More Sad News From Labor’s Allies

By August 29, 2006Labor Unions

Here now is labor’s think-tank (a misnomer if ever there was one) — the EPI — with its annual Labor Day tale of woe. The story today is headlined, “Numbers show a second-rate US.” Really? Don’t think so. Despite trying their darnedest to make it so, they don’t quite get there. We are the most productive nation on earth, the most innovative, the wealthiest. Manufacturers create wealth for millions of workers every year. We are the envy of the world. When you open the gates, which way do people flow: From the US out or from outside the US in? It’s a no-brainer.

Still, their bill of particulars includes:

— Generational income inequality, whatever the heck that is. They say the poor has a slim change of escaping their parent’s poverty. In fact, immigrants come here in droves every year — legally — knowing their 2d generation will be wealthier than they are. It’s why they come. And, if EPI supported private accounts for Social Security, the poor could pass on their money to their heirs, something they can’t do today.

— An educational system that’s “not terribly great.” Maybe EPI should talk to their friends in the NEA about this. They go on to complain that low-income families’ children don’t perform well in the schools. Will they support vouchers or school choice, to allow these kids to really escape poverty and go to the school of their choice? Probably not, as the NEA is dead against it.

— Inadequate health care. Point taken, but in countries with socialized medicine, there is rationing. Are they advocating that or just a blank check system for everyone? There’s not a system like that in the world.

— They note other (European) countries’ more liberal leave policies. Admittedly so. However, these countries have nowhere near the job creation we have, they have higher unemployment than we have, lower growth and are far less competitive. Is this a model we want to emulate? No, thanks.

Here’s a link where you can take a look at their grim upcoming study. You won’t find any good news therein.

What a gloomy bunch.