Meet Fidel Lockyer

By August 15, 2006Global Warming

Thanks again to The Examiner for a great editorial yesterday that called our attention to a fairly extraordinary step taken by California’s Attorney General Bill Lockyer to intimidate people who don’t agree with him.

The topic is one of our faves, global warming. In response to a lawsuit filed by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, among others, seeking to block new onerous regs from Sacramento, Lockyer has demanded that all the plaintiffs reveal and and all contact they have had with a group he calls, “The climate skeptics.” These folks, contends Lockyer, have spread, “disinformation” on the topic of global warming.

OK, so who are these people? They are at least three well-respected — and well-credentialed — climatologists who happen not to buy into the global warming hysteria. They have not been shy about sharing their opinions on the matter, either, and at least one has written a few well-reasoned op-eds in the Wall Street Journal recently. But to Lockyer, the fact that they disagree with the King, that they are ruining a great global warming buzz, it just adds up to so much “disinformation” and so he says, “off with their heads!” Funny how facts and science can become “disinformation” in the wrong hands. Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!

It does put one in mind of a certain ailing dictator, doesn’t it? In fact, Fidel doesn’t really tolerate dissent and would likely take the same steps to intimidate any free flow or debate of ideas. For our part, we welcome the work of these scientists and think maybe Generalissimo Lockyer should turn his attention toward a more pressing question, like what the proper temperature of the earth should be.

Stephen Milloy has some of the pre-trial discovery motion here, Amy Ridenour had a nice play on Galileo here and Investor’s Business Daily had an equally good editorial here.