Katrina: Climate or Engineering Disaster?

By August 25, 2006Miscellaneous

Giving credit where it’s due, thanks to RealClimate.org for the link to this site, called, “No Se Nada.” As we near the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, there will be lots of finger-pointing and opportunism from the left. (Isn’t it funny that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour isn’t whining, as he got his house in order…?). There will be carping about the Bush Administration (we’ll write more about that this weekend) and there will be the global warming Gore-ist opportunists.

But on this site, where he labels the hysterical WaPo op-ed from this weekend as “ridiculous” (we agree), the writer goes on to talk about Katrina as an engineering failure, not evidence of any wacky climate change theory, to wit:

“To continue to use Event Katrina as a global warming prop is to continue to diminish the relative roles between nature and man in making Catastrophe Katrina. And the longer we confuse the issue, the longer we avoid making the hard choices about engineering and land-use planning (about, for instance, allowing people to live well below sea level in flood-prone areas).”

We pass it along FYI — an interesting site, an interesting discussion.