Hurricane Katrina: A Web Seminar for Businesses

By August 30, 2006Miscellaneous

Our friends at the Webcast Group (who host all of our streaming video content) brought to our attention this timely educational webcast about business’ role in the post-Katrina rebuilding. Some $200 billion in direct economic activity is planned for the Gulf Coast area.

We were struck by one telling indication: The new phone books are out for the New Orleans area and there’s a 50 percent increase in the number of listings for general contractors. We are about to witness the greatest rebuilding project in history.

Recovering from a natural disaster takes many, many hands, businesses among them. And amid all this activity, businesses obviously have to make sure they get paid in order to carry out their operations. The online seminars provides essential guidance on credit and collections.

The webinar will lead businesses through the steps to take now, during, and after their involvement in the rebuilding to ensure everyone succeeds.

Here’s a link to watch a webinar on this topic.