Health Care: The President Advances the Cause of Transparency

By August 23, 2006Health Care

Yesterday in Minnesota, the President hosted a round table discussion on health care, specifically health care transparency. You’ll see that the President’s agenda closely matches our Board resolution’s principles, hammered out earlier this year and included in our press release today.

Our boss, Gov. Engler, has long called for more transparency in health care — on price, on quality, everything. He always says that every manufacturer uses more metrics in a day than most health care plans use in a year. If you are a manufacturer — or even a consumer — imagine buying something when you had no idea what the price would be. It’s time we built some good old fashioned manufacturing quality metrics into the the health care delivery system in this country.

The President signed an Executive Order requiring federal plans — including Medicare — to do precisely that. This is something that doesn’t need legislation. it is something that can be done by the private sector. As the biggest purchasers of health care in the private sector, manufacturers will continue to be at the forefront of insisting on quality and transparency for all our workers.

Bravo to the President for taking an important step on an issue near and dear to all Americans’ hearts.

Here’s a link to the transcript from yesterday’s event and here’s a link to a White House fact sheet on the topic.