Got Any Thoughts on China’s WTO Compliance?

By August 15, 2006Trade

Really? You do? Well, this is your chance.

This fall, the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold its fifth annual review of China’s compliance with WTO commitments. Remember we fought to get China into the WTO. Now that they’re in, they must join the world of law-abiding nations and comply fully with all applicable WTO rules. To prepare for the WTO review, the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) will seek input from us in the business community. Every year, the NAM makes a submission to the USTR on the topic. In fact, here’s a copy of what we sent last year, 2005.

As we noted in this e-mail that we sent out to NAM members large and small, “there are … well known ongoing concerns in several key areas, including inadequate [intellectual property rights] enforcement, subsidies in the form of currency undervaluation and easy bank credit, and technical barriers to trade.”

We would welcome your comments on any and all of the above issues as well as any others we might have missed. Company names will not be used in our report unless you explicitly authorize us to do so. The deadline for comments is Friday, August 25.

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