Global Warming Update: Taller Mountains, Fewer Hurricanes and a Little Balance

By August 9, 2006Global Warming

Here’s a (what’s a nice word…?) counterintuitive story about global warming. It’s causing mountains to get taller. That’s right. As glaciers melt, it causes mountains to grow. The Alps have been growing steadily since 1850, but with more pronounced growth of late. While those pea brains among us might think it’s because the snow is getting heavier and is accumulating, the opposite apparently is true. You kinda have to read this one to believe it. Here’s the link.

On the side of — dare we say — balance is this piece from yesterday’s USA Today. A reader writes in to ask whether global warming “is true or not.” They consult physicist and meteorologist Craig Bohren, distinguished professor emeritus from Penn State, to help sort it out. Since he expresses a fair degree of skepticism (and even points out that one scientist, Steven Schroeder, was at the forefront of the global cooling and global warming debate/scare), he’ll probably be reviled by the lefty enviros. No matter, this is a good and thoughtful read, we thought.

Finally, if this story turns out to be true, i.e., that this won’t be a very active hurricane season, it’ll ruin a lot of global warming parties around the country. Remember they’ve been saying that warming is causing more hurricane activity, even through the head of the hurricane center said that wasn’t so. No matter, if the hurricanes dissipate (like last week’s hot weather), guess they’ll have to blame that on global warming, too.

OK, everybody back into the pool!