From Ireland: An Energy Breakthrough?

By August 22, 2006Energy

The blogosphere has been buzzing over news that the Irish company Steorn has made an energy breakthrough. It may be real, may be a hoax. It’s all being sorted out now, or so it seems. A few days ago, Steorn took out a full-page ad in The Economist saying that they had “developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.” As the ad noted, this would mean “never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all.” Says their CEO, Sean McCarthy, “What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields so that when you travel round the magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy.”

Naturally, the skeptics abound. In the ad, Steorn issued a challenge to the scientific community to “test our technology and report your findings to the world.” This far, according to their website. some 1700 scientists have expressed an interest in doing so. “All great truths”, they say in their ad and on the website, quoting George Bernard Shaw, “begin as blasphemies.”

This would certainly be a major breakthrough. Leave it to the Irish to save the world once again. Stay tuned to the world of Steorn. If they have indeed found the energy grail, let’s see how long it takes the enviros to figure out a way to find a downside.

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  • Manuel Ivens says:

    Esta energia é a possibilidade de ruptura com a energia atómica de que tantos falam. Com as energias alternativas de que dispomos e agora com a possibilidade de “energia magnética”… outros mundos se abrem ao planeta terra. Um passo para entendermos melhor a energia dos OVNIs. Parabéns aos directores da Steorn, pelo afrontamento sincero da ciência ao lobby do petróleo, que não está ao serviço do planeta mas na exploração dos seus habitantes.
    Portugal deu a conhecer o “novo mundo”, estes irlandeses preparam-se para abrir a janela do espaço!

  • powerhugh says:

    The web site’s down this morn. Maybe maintenance, maybe to put up tally of qualified scientists… Heh: amusing at to see the old syndrome of an Irish back-biter pseudo-sceptic – but he shot himself in the foot quoting the 7 signs of bogus science – Steorn didn’t seem to fit even one of ’em, – even the one were hold up triumphantly, i.e. ‘ the first thing they do is rsuh to press’ as they departed from the norm by paying 80,000 Eur for the privelege, and also had waited 3 years to go public.

  • If we are to see this field of clean free energy to be commercially available answer the following question:

    What is in it for the owners of the petroleum refiniries around the world? Forget the countries that export the crude as the real profit is with the refineries.

    An attempt at answer:
    If we can find a way to offer the refinery owners a cut in the profits from this technology, we are on.

    A suggestion: With the free energy available the heating of the atmosphere would be unlimited. Then we don’t need global warming through the CO2 to increase the temperature. The continuous use of free energy would be enough to increase the temperature.

    Somebody has to remove that heat. Could that somebody be the owners of the refineries? They could develop the technology to collect energy from the environment and hide it somewhere.

    The companies that have the technology to extract energy from the vacuum could easily develop the reverse technology to pump energy to the vacuum. Take the refinery people as partners in the reverse technology.

  • Reality says:

    Hey Mark, didn’t your company announce “soon to be commercially available” generators back in 2004, based on “promising laboratory experiments”? What happened to that?

  • Luca says:

    Steorn are puppets.
    This is an hoax for advertise the new film about Tesla.

  • Mark Goldes says:

    Magnetic Power, Inc. (MPI) applauds McCarthy and his team! As MPI is also a developer of magnetic devices which deliver electric power without fuel, and without breaking the basic laws of physics. MPI is glad to see that Steorn’s challenge is being taken seriously by the scientific community. Our own laboratory results confirm what Steorn is saying.

    Given the urgent need for breakthrough energy systems, We hope the challenge will, as Steorn says, enable them to take less than the projected five to seven years for the world to accept the possibility of superseding existing energy technology with magnetic systems.

    We hope that success by the Irish firm will take the mystery out of fuel-free magnetic systems that can operate around the clock. This will speed the ability of Magnetic Power Modules to attract the financial resources needed to commercialize these systems as rapidly as is humanly possible, in order to meet the environmental chaos threatened by global warming.

    Our website is: