Friday Follies: So Sue Me!

By August 18, 2006Briefly Legal, Friday Follies

Friday Follies

OK, it’s the dog days of summer. Folks are off on vacation – in fact, it seems like everybody but us is on vacation these days. Maybe you’re one of them, off at the beach, just reading the blog, thinking about what to do next. It’s not yet cocktail hour but you’ve been on the beach all day. Hey, maybe it’s time for a board game! Monopoly? Clue? Yahtzee? Nah – here’s one the whole family can enjoy.

It’s called “So Sue Me,” subtitled, “Sue Your Friends. Take Their Stuff.” Gosh, what could be more fun? What could be more uniquely American? “A spin of the wheel or roll of the die,” it says on their website, “and some clever negotiating help you acquire businesses, file outrageous lawsuits, and bluff your way to big bucks.” Outrageous lawsuits? Bluffing? Wow – this is realistic. Here’s more reality from the FAQ section:

Q. If I have a lawyer and lose a frivolous lawsuit, does the lawyer have to help me pay the frivolous lawsuit penalty?

A. Are you kidding? They collect if you win, and pay nothing if you lose. Nice racket, huh?

In the Rules, you’ll see that each player only starts with $3 million, a pittance by most trial lawyers’ standards. Heck., that won’t even pay for their first helicopter, or relief pitcher.

So kick back, enjoy the rest of your vacation and check out “So Sue Me!.

More fun than a barrel of lawyers….