Friday Follies: Pity the Poor Penguins

By August 4, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesIn keeping with’s pinniform proclivities, today’s Friday Follies brings you the latest net-video phenomenon, Al Gore’s Penguin Army. The satire reveals the former Vice President’s secret agenda vis a vis global warming and fish-eating birds. Batman’s unseen presence looms large.

Elsewhere in the world of movie-star-climatologist-politicians – and we’re being bipartisan here – we were disappointed to see Governor Schwarzenegger express such an uncritical, glib view of the science of global warming this week. Appearing with Prime Minister Tony Blair in Long Beach, California’s governor said, “Of course there’s always people who doubt it, but there’s also people who think the world is flat.” Actually, Governor, there is no scientific consensus on the causes or extent of global warming.

Still, we’ll cut Governor Schwarzenegger some slack in light of his career-long interest in climate topics, as evidenced by this video. Batman’s briefly seen presence looms large.

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