Friday Follies: A Bad Rap

By August 11, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThis one was making the rounds this week, piercing the quietude of our daily tasks. Our rule of thumb is if we get something more than once, it makes it a “Friday Follies” candidate. More than five times and it’s old news. So we got this one more than once. Then we gave it the acid test, sent it to our team of 14 year-olds for propriety and humor value. We received the highest compliment — they forwarded it to more of their 14 year-old friends with only the 3-letter legend, “LOL.” So it’s gotta be funny.

In any event, Internet rumor has it that this is a Smirnoff ad. It might be, not sure, but we got a big kick out of it. Imagine a bunch of prepsters driving around in their Saab convertibles, sweaters neatly hung around their shoulders and, uh, rapping?

Fo shizzle.

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