Exporting Success Story: We’re Exporting Trial Lawyers!

By August 25, 2006General

Oh, this is just perfect. Remember while back when the Blogger-in-Chief talked about exporting our lawyers to China?

Well, it looks like they listened to us (who knew we were that influential?).

Here’s an article from China Daily that talks about how a primary school student fell sleep in class and sued his teacher.

As the article notes,

About four months ago, Xiaodong fell asleep during class and was awakened by the teacher, Wang. Several minutes later, however, the pupil went to sleep again. Wang was enraged, and demanded he stand in a corner of the classroom for punishment. Xiaodong refused to follow Wang’s demand and went home directly…At the court, Xiaodong asked for Wang’s public apology in front of his schoolmates as well as over 1,500 yuan (US$185) in compensation for mental damages he has suffered.


This is great-America finally found a way to export our biggest liability! With any luck soon they’ll make doing business in China just as uncompetitive as America.

Remember, we spend more on legal costs in this country than the entire Gross Domestic Product of some 200 countries.

Way to go trial lawyers! Thank you. You made my day.