‘Danger: Educated Union Member’

By August 23, 2006Labor Unions

It’s the August doldrums and we’re as bored as the rest of you. In fact, we got so bored that we wandered on over to the heartache and detritus that is the AFL-CIO website. There we found for sale some (allegedly) pro-union apparel. Included is a t-shirt with the legend, “Danger: Educated Union Member.”

Is it just us or does this sound to you like it means that the wearer of the shirt is a rarity, i.e., an educated union member? We happen to think that most union members are educated, but it wouldn’t be unusual for us to have more faith in them than the AFL-CIO does. One of these days, these educated union members are going to get educated on their rights and realize that they are entitled to a chunk of their dues money back every year just by asking.

Then maybe you’ll see these shirts start to fly off the union shelves….