Cool Stuff Being Made: Wheat Germ And Skid Control

By August 26, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made


This week we reach back into the archives again, to an episode of Industry on Parade, a weekly TV show sponsored by the NAM that ran from 1950-1960. As the narrator says in the beginning, “Industry on Parade: A pictorial review of events in business and industry.”

There are some classics here. In this reel, you’ll see wheat germ (“a veritable storehouse of vitamins and minerals”) being made at a Kretchmer plant in Carrolton, Michigan. It’s funny, knowing the state of modern technology, to hear them boast of machinery that can fill 12 jars at a time. They can do many multiples of that today.

The end of the reel turns to an innovation of the age, the gyro skid control. You’ll see film of “hijinx” on the road, but the car is immune to skidding, thanks to this new technology.

So let us take you back in time here as we near the end of summer. See how things were made. Click here to watch this week’s video and feel the (vintage) manufacturing vibe.