Cool Stuff Being Made: How Lawnmowers Are Made

By August 19, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made


Whenever the blogger’s apprentice asks the BIC what he did over the weekend, the answer always seems to involve mowing the lawn.

In fact, there’s a running joke that the BIC spends his entire weekend mowing the lawn. Mowing all throughout the night and even during the winter months. We think he even retrofitted his lawnmower so that he could blog while mowing.

So, he’s always mowing the lawn! Might as well call him the lawnmower man.

In fact, the BIC asked me to write this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made entry because he said he’s not around…we think he’s mowing someone else’s lawn this weekend.

In any event, here’s a video courtesy of Brandon Happel of Toro on how lawnmowers are made. Specifically, we’ll see how the 6.5 GTS (that stands for guaranteed to start) Toro Recycler is made.

Unfortunately, its not narrated, (remember we said that we’ve run out of those videos for now?) but we’ll do the best to explain here what’s going on. In this 5 minute video, you’ll see lots of cool people that you can watch working on the production line and hear lots of neat natural sounds as well.

The video begins as we see the blade added to the signature red chassis of the Toro lawnmower, followed by adding the necessary decals and then the motor is attached.

The Wheels on The Mower Go ‘Round and ‘Round
Our video continues as we see a factor worker organize the wheels so that a power machine can screw them all together. Remember, long ago, this stuff used to be done by hand! You’ll also notice that there are a lot of women on this factory floor and everyone is taking the appropriate safety precautions.

Later, we see how the handle bars and frame get added along with the branding decal and then put into a box to be shipped to your local Home Depot, or your Toro dealer / distributor.

So, happy Saturday and enjoy this week’s video! Click here to watch it.