Cool Stuff Being Made: How Bridges Are Made

By August 5, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

bridges.jpgThere are bridge builders and then there are bridge builders. In this nine minute video, we meet Randy the bridge builder who is at a construction site and assembling the basic elements to make a bridge so that vehicles will one day travel over it.

Bridges are made of steel and concrete which is Portland cement, water and rock. The concrete is made stronger by being reinforced with steel (also called rebar).

While it’s fascinating to watch how a bridge gets built, the design phase is really the most critical aspect. For that, our video visits the department of transportation and we turn to the world of civil engineering.

A bridge is largely comprised of two sections: the superstructure (where the cars travel) and substructure (which includes the foundation, deck and beams). And all of this gets put together by software which takes into account lots of math like geometry and things like load.

Our video concludes with a visit to a finished bridge.

The bridge is perhaps the finest example of engineering genius. If you like what you see here, then you’ll love the fascinating world of engineering. Click here to watch this week’s video.