California Tumbles Into the Sea

By August 31, 2006General

Further to yesterday’s post, looks like the Governator has cut a deal with the top Democrats in the state legislature to pass AB32, the bill that would make California the firsts state to put limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Apparently, there are still way too many employers in California and Arnold and the Dems aim to thin the herd a bit.

On the topic of global warming were sent — independently — two separate articles today. One came from our friend and fellow blogger Carter Wood. It’s a great op-ed by Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam entitled, “MIT’s Inconvenient Scientist.” It’s a profile of Richard Lindzen, who’s written prolifically, persuasively and skeptically about global warming — for which he’s been roundly attacked by the left.

However, more interesting was this piece by Tim Hames from the (UK) Times On Line entitled, “Look On the Sunny Side,” about the effects of the sun on climate change — a science the author notes is often overlooked in the current hysteria. Talking about the group of scientists who study the suns apparent impact on warming temperatures, the article says, “The most persuasive subsection of this community is convinced that the principal cause of climate change on Earth is the intensity of solar activity,” but goes on to add that nevertheless, “Public discussion is dominated by those inclined to the most doom-laden predictions.” Yeah, we already knew that. Looks like somebody should’ve passed this on to the misguided folks out on the left coast.

As a public service, we want to alert all you economic development officials out there for the other 49 states. Get ready for a bunch of (more) business.

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  • Capitalist Academician says:

    Zorro — Greed? How about the malfeasance of changing the rules to great expense? How shall companies, particularly small manufacturing companies, absorb these costs?

    Look, the inconvenient fact is that the science on causes of global warming is thin (not that it is not occurring – it is and that’s not in dispute).

    There is no doubt that in some regions, the temperature is rising, though it seems common industrialization (meaning human activity such as, you know, paving things) has a more provable link to that temperature increase.

    By the way, there is no current science to replace fossil fuels in the scale needed to reduce these emissions substantively. So, you get a bill that requires a reduction, with no science and no funding to make it happen.

    Think like a business owner — is a sunny climate worth the aggrevation? Or do you just move somewhere with fewer requirements?

    California has much cleaner air now than 30 years ago, but no longer leads in business development. Last time I checked, people still needed jobs to live. Bills like this one will drive more business out of California and further the gulf between the rich and the poor, who will lose one more rung in the ladder of success…

  • Jenn says:

    As a proud California resident, I say Here Here! to Gov. Schwarzenegger for taking a stand. As the 6th largest economy in the world, I’m proud that my state leaders are taking the lead on diminishing greenhouse gases. I have faith in the American people, and in California manufacturers that regulations like these can serve as a springboard for Innovation.

  • Zorro3 says:

    Manufacturing Greed – this is how you dirtbags want to improve the world for your kids, by destroying it for short-term profit and greed. Your propaganda is weak. Stupidity reigns.