Best States for Business?

By August 17, 2006General

Forbes has released its annual list of the states with the best business climate. We are happy to report that the blogger-in-chief’s adopted state is numero uno on the list this year. Globally speaking, as is mentioned in the article, the US has the highest tax rate and the highest tort costs. It ain’t wages, people.

So click here to see where your state ranked. It’s time states started to compete for the best climate for manufacturing.

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  • markus says:

    Wisconsin is part of the United States and if they can provide a business climate that attracts businesses then this will benefit not only the business and it’s employees and shareholders, but also the state of Wisconsin and the United States.

    Competition does not necessarily include bickering and generally benefits consumers the most.

  • article link (I guess I can’t post html) didn’t get included:

    “Appleton firm gets $350,000 from state for expansion”
    from The Business Journal of Milwaukee Feb. 14, 2006:

  • Aren’t states already competing? offering incentives like the $350K in grants and loans offered by Wisconsin luring Weldcraft from California? of course what the above referenced article neglects to mention is the number of jobs lost from California. We need to start thinking about the United States as a whole, not as a bunch of bickering competing states.

    The ITW/Welcraft example is a little different scenario in that manufacturing usually moves south… Where apparently the business climate is very friendly, “muy amable” as they say south of the border. or east to China.