America’s Business Goes Nationwide

By August 24, 2006Miscellaneous

Yup, that’s right. This week, the just-launched NAM radio show, America’s Business will be heard in some 50 markets. This is, as we say in New Jersey, huge (pronounced, “yooj”). This is a national pro-business radio program. Not many of those around, are there?

Since the blogger-in-chief is always mowing the lawn when the program airs in Washington, we’ve learned how to Podcast it. It’s so stinkin’ easy. Just go to iTunes, look for the “advanced” option menu at the top. Click on that and see the option that says, “add Podcast feed.” When you click on that, it’ll ask you to enter a URL. Cut and paste this URL into that box: .

Once you do — voila! Just remember to plug in your iPod every Saturday and it will automatically download the show — in its entirety and broken down into its segments. You can listen to it either way. It’s way cool. It’s exciting to be part of this new national show. Here’s a list of stations and time slots, and here’s where you can click to listen to the show any time on line.

As Billy, Dusty and Frank would say, “We’re bad, we’re nationwide.”