AFSCME Aims To Put More of their Members’ Money Down the Rat Hole

By August 11, 2006Labor Unions

Man, if you’re a member of the giant public employee union AFSCME, this has gotta hurt. Their chief announced yesterday plan to raise $60 million between now and 2009 and $60 million a year after that from — you guessed it — increased dues from members. And what will he do with this money? Pour it down the same political rat hole in which he’s poured the prior few hundred million — supporting causes and candidates with which his members don’t agree. “In 2004,” says the AFSCME boss, “progressives [the new term for liberals] lost our third straight election…”

Gee, why do you think that was? It’s because they’re outside the mainstream, that’s why. And they’re financing their personal political jihad with their members’ hard-earned cash. If you’re a union member, at some point don’t you just get tired of seeing your money get wasted like this?

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  • Susan Holleran says:

    I am proud that AFSCME’s members have tried so hard to elect politicians who will speak out for workers and their families. At least they didn’t put money into electing a dim-witted, conscienceless, war-mongering administration that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of its own citizens — in addition to the scores of thousands of Iraqi families.
    Where was the Bush administration when the CEOs of ENRON, Adelphi, etc., stole from their stockholders and employees to feather their own personal nests.
    I would be proud to spend $3 a month to get rid of the crooks Bush has brought into our government and supported through his policies — and to wind some economic and civil justice for us regular folks.