Two Good Blasts on Energy

By July 23, 2006Energy

Two good stories about energy from last week. One from Economic professor (that’s important) Walter Williams that ran in the Washington Times on Friday entitled, “Running Out of Oil?” Therein he says:

“America stands alone as the world’s only nation that has placed a substantial amount of its domestic oil and natural gas potential off-limits. That reflects the awesome control radical environmentalists have over Congress.”

The other one came from an unlikely source — the Boston Globe, entitled, “Offshore Opportunities,” talking with passion about natural gas and the need for more liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal capacity. They conclude:

“Many questions remain about regional demand for gas, terminal needs, and pipeline capacity. But the conversation at last is turning in the right direction — offshore.”

This is quite an admission from the liberal Globe, but it is one more sure sign that the energy debate is at last turning in the right direction.