The NEA Spends $8 Million — Not on Education

By July 14, 2006Labor Unions

“The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest professional employee organization,” says their website, “is committed to advancing the cause of public education.”

And so it was a little shocking when USA Today reported earlier this week that the NEA has dished out over $8 million — which is still a lot of money to us — to various left-wing groups to fight the No Child Left Behind Act. This law of course pushes concepts like accountability and other notions considered heresy by the NEA. According to this study by Education Sector, among the groups benefiting from the NEA’s largess were the left-leaning Americans for Democratic Action and an NEA front group called Communities for Quality Education.

At a per pupil spending rate in the US of roughly $8000, figure the NEA just flushed enough money down the rathole to educate a thousand kids. Sure is a funny way to advance the cause of public education.