Tapping Our Own Resources: To the Senate!

By July 18, 2006Energy

The fight for the right to tap our own resources — victorious in the House last month — now moves to the Senate. It may come up perhaps as early as this week — or next week. All of you who weighed in through the blog to get this thing across the goal line in the House are needed to push in the Senate as well.

Please click here to drop a note to your two Senators and urge them to support S. 2253, the bi[partisan compromise energy bill. Heck, even the WaPo thought it was a good idea. The stars are aligned.

Incredibly, the mis-named “Defenders of Wildlife” have targeted some Senators, saying the bill would be “a huge loss of the people who live, work and vacation in Florida.”

Except that it wouldn’t be.

Fact is, people who live, work and vacation in Florida would all reap the benefits of cheaper energy if we were allowed to tap our own supplies, like every other country does. These Defenders of Wildlife should know that fish do prosper around these rigs. Just ask anyone who fishes these waters, they’ll tell you.

The fact is that offshore energy exploration is safe, and advanced technologies make it even safer. Almost 3,000 offshore platforms were in the direct path of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Despite the exposure and the destruction of 115 offshore platforms and 183 pipelines, the U.S. Minerals Management Service reported that there were no significant oil spills from offshore platforms, and among minor incidents, no oil reached the coastline. Said the MMS, “The environmental record of the OCS program has been outstanding — there has not been a significant platform spill in the last 35 years.”

And so to the various self-appointed defenders of the wildlife — all of whom are burning up their share of oil and natural gas — we ask, “What else you got?”

Please drop a note to your Senators today.