Tapping Our Own Resources: Getting Closer…

By July 25, 2006Energy

Some new developments today: The Congressional Budget Office officially “scored” the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, meaning they put pen to paper to figure out how much it would cost or gain the US Treasury. By their estimates, the bill will generate almost a billion dollars worth of income to federal coffers over eight years. A billion dollars is still a lot of money to us, even if some in the Senate want to sneeze at it. It was Everett Dirksen who said famously, “A billion here, a billion there – pretty soon it adds up to real money.” Well, in our view, we’re already there — this is real money.

And so we have a bill that will allow us to tap our own resources (we’re the only country in the world that restricts access to its own energy supplies) and that will bring in a billion dollars. So what’s the hold-up? Here’s a link to a fact sheet on this bill, S. 3711. Read this once and see if you can figure out why anybody in their right mind — and who wanted us to be competitive with the rest of the world — would oppose it.

Click here to tell your Senators to vote for S. 3711.