Presidential Visit: Final Thoughts

By July 28, 2006General

bushthumb3.jpgFor most groups, a visit from the President of the United States is the biggest thing that’ll ever happen to them. We inhabit Washington DC so we are lucky enough to intersect with the White House more than most, but it’s still a huge thrill and honor to have the President come to visit.

There are, at times like this, special moments. Two small manufacturer NAM Board Members got to meet the President backstage, Sandy Westlund-Deenihan and Jim Dyer. Sandy is fast becoming one of our favorites. She’s from tiny but mighty Quality Float Works outside Chicago, a small company that exports all over the world. You’ll never hear her whine — she only bears down, works harder, finds new markets and innovates. Jim Dyer of Metal Products Co. of McMinnville, Tennessee has been on the Board a while and is just as solid as they come. They were thrilled and so were we.

It was great to hear the President of the United States smile broadly at the outset and say,

“I want to thank John Luke for his Chairmanship of the National Association of Manufacturers. I appreciate you hiring my buddy, the former Governor of Michigan, John Engler — (laughter) — who is doing a fine job, I might add.”

That’s the boss he’s talking about, and he is doing a fine job.

All in all, it was a big thrill, a big day for us. To host the President was great. To hear him talking passionately about the importance of manufacturing and standing foursquare with us on our issues was just that much better.

Here again is the link to the full transcript, and here’s a link to the video.