Pay for Performance? Perish the Thought!

By July 3, 2006Labor Unions

This article in last Friday’s WaPo by Stephen Barr, begins thusly:

“A Senate bill that would deny pay raises to federal employees who get poor job evaluations was endorsed by the Bush administration and drew opposition from two unions at a hearing yesterday.”

Of course it did. This is one area where the unions — not always known for consistency — have been immutable. The concept of pay-for-performance is anathema to them. Can you imagine the temerity of the Bush Administration to suggest denying pay raises to federal employees who get poor job evaluations? Just think what that could lead to — things like, well, competence! The story goes on to say that the Bush Administration also “has not gotten any traction” on a proposal from last year to transition the entire federal government workforce into a pay-for-performance system. Right. Don’t expect traction any time soon. The unions and their allies on the Hill will keep such heretical ideas bottled up until doomsday.

Imagine what would happen to the unions if the concept of pay-for-performance took root in the federal government. Now there’s a thought for Independence Day.

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